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There are a lot of voices out in our world claiming to have the answers to our questions.
How can we know which ones to believe?
If we listen to our culture we will quickly come to accept that it really doesnít matter what we believe because ultimately we make god into what we want our god to be. So the quest for power can be our god. Or wealth, or selfish ambition, or family, or job, or addiction can be our god. St. Augustine wrote that which is most important to us is our god.

If you are looking for answers to lifeís questions, we would like to help:
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     *Read about Godís plan for your life in the Bible

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Elim has a long history in the Lutheran church. As Lutherans we believe:
     *that God has come to us in three forms; Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

     *that we are in our very nature sinful and unclean and that we cannot earn Godís favor or forgiveness.

     *that sin condemns us and without Godís intervention there would be no hope.

     *that Jesus became the sacrifice for our sin and by his death we now have the hope of eternal life.

     *that this gift is freely given, it is not earned, and is available to all through faith.

     *that Jesus will come again. 

     *that in the mean time God has sent us Godís Spirit to empower us to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ to
       all the world.